Tax credit for tuition or examination fees

Tax credit for tuition or examination fees

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Student tax return Canada | If you are a full-time or part-time student in Canada, you may be eligible to a non-refundable tax credit for your tuition and/or examination fees paid during the year.

The credit exists in provincial and federal levels. The goal is to help post-secondary students (Cegep or University) to enter the job market to earn an income.

Here are the conditions:

  • application fees (only if the student subsequently enrols), admission fees and confirmation fees paid to an educational institution
  • examination fees paid to a recognized educational institution for courses taken (including any grade review fees)
  • charges for the use of library or laboratory facilities
  • charges for a certificate, diploma or degree 
  • co-op fees 
  • tuition fees 
  • seminar fees 
  • the cost of any books included in fees paid for a correspondence course or for distance education

If you have few or no income during the year, you can transfer your tuition fees foward or transfer them to a family member (ex: your parents).

For more information, visit the Revenu Québec website. You can also contact us by making an appointment for a consultation with one of our CPAs.