Notice of Assessment: What is it?

Notice of Assessment: What is it?


The notice of assessment is an assessment of your income tax return and the balances as well as the credits you are entitled to for future years. In some cases, the government may apply some correction or adjustment to your tax return. For this reason, it’s important to verify when you receive it. (Ex: Missing receipt, not eligible for credit, etc.)

When do we receive this notice?

After you have filed your tax return and submit it. Normally, you should receive it by mail or in your online file a few weeks later. If you don’t, you should contact the tax authorities (Revenu Quebec and CRA) to verify if your income tax return has been processed.

In Quebec

There are two notices of assessment: Provincial (Revenue Quebec) and Federal (CRA which is the Canada Revenue Agency).

In some provinces of Canada, there is only one notice of assessment (Federal only) like Ontario.


Don’t forget to keep your copies and give them to your accountant for your next tax return!

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