How do I start a business in Canada?

How do I start a business in Canada?


The Canadian market is large, dynamic and full of opportunities. The population of the big cities is constantly growing, partly due to immigration. This constitutes an opportunity for many Canadian and foreign companies. 

The market

Often overlooked, market research is an important step in the start-up process. The most successful companies are those that know their sector well. You need to know your competitors, potential customers, understand the country’s culture, environment, costs, market prices, laws, etc. This will help you avoid making mistakes, wasting time and money. 

The network

Surround yourself with professionals who can help you in your approach and answer your questions (lawyer, accountant, bank advisor, consultant). The majority of people who want to start a business do not have the required knowledge, which increases the risk of making costly mistakes (time/money). 

The MC.CPA team offers coaching to help new entrepreneurs through all the challenges of the start-up process, including the business plan.

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